Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 2013

This year’s teacher luncheon theme will be “A Flower Garden Picnic” and will be held on Friday, May 10, 2013.  We need your help and donations. The event is being organized by Kim Dunkel and Leandra Gallagher. You can send questions to KimD at Cohespto.org or COHPTO.org

From Kim & Leandra:

If you can help at all with the following items it would be greatly appreciated:

  1.  Two (2) more “picnic” food items  (homemade if possible,  and the recipe sent to me via email at (KimD atCOHESPTO.org) to create recipe books for the staff of COH) Please email me what you will be making so there are no duplicates. Thanks!
  2. Any amount of a monetary donation,  send in a sealed and marked envelope to me, Attn: Kim Dunkel, via : office, Mrs. Senkewich, personal checks made out to cash please, thank you!
  3. Sugar packets, enough for 45 people
  4. 1 large package of ground regular coffee
  5. Half gallon of whole milk
  6. One box of regular tea bags
  7. We will be putting together a “Picnic Basket” themed raffle basket, that all the teachers and staff will have a chance to win. If you would like to donate a picnic themed item for the basket, please contact me (Kim Dunkel, at the above email), with your ideas so we can have a nice variety of items in the basket..Thanks 🙂

Please email me, Kim Dunkel, at KimD@Cohespto.org or Leandra Gallagher,  at Leandra@COHESPTO.org with any questions, comments, and/or suggested donations that you would like to contribute. Any contribution will be recognized in our menu and/or recipe book that all the COH staff will see 🙂

Thank you very, very much! We have the best support at our COH school !!

🙂 Kim Dunkel and Leandra Gallagher 🙂